We at the 2100 Project believe that humans can and will act to shape a better future. In fact, there are already demonstrable steps in this direction; and this site will spotlight and catalogue those bold actions, ideas and partnerships.

Why 2100?

By 2100, according to many demographers, human population growth will have stabilized. By 2100, we can have moved beyond fossil fuels, slowed climate change and significantly reduced environmental degradation. And by 2100, we can make real strides towards solving inequities among human societies.

How will we defy the odds, find solutions, enact change? In the face of global climate change, species extinctions, and the huge inequities in wealth and resources among human societies, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and dispirited. How can we realize E.O. Wilson's vision, "to raise people everywhere to a decent standard of living while preserving as much of the rest of life as possible"?

We believe that it's critical to build momentum and to collaborate; to learn from the great work that's being done and to share new and innovative solutions. This website provides a forum for a wide diversity of views and perspectives in order to celebrate successes and find positive ways forward. Consider contributing your ideas! Here you can learn how.

Who we are:
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