Guidelines for Submissions

Guidelines for Submissions

If you've thought about sustainability, the future of the planet, preventing species extinctions, conserving earth resources, social justice, how our economic system can become more successful in the long term, or other related topics, we want to hear from you! We firmly believe that finding a positive path forward will require the perspective of people from many walks of life, careers and worldviews. In our Monthly Features, we plan to include views of artists, psychologists, historians, people of faith, scientists, business people, and many others. Though we've included some guiding questions below to help inspire ideas, we expect that the exact themes or topics touched upon will vary widely.

Contributing an Article for a Monthly Feature
The minimum length of an article is one paragraph; the maximum length is 1,000 words, though this maximum is a rough guideline. If possible, include a photo or image related to your topic.

If interested in making a submission for our monthly feature, please contact us (email address at the bottom of this page) at least one month in advance. Features are updated on or near the 15th of each month; when making a submission, please send a draft by the 1st.

Monthly Features are not limited to pieces of writing; feel free to submit visual art, audio, video or other forms of expression to share your ideas.

We're happy to post shorter writings on our quotes page; we also welcome suggestions for quotes by others.

We plan to continue to grow our recommended set of online resources related to topics and themes from this project. Please send along links to relevant sites!

Image for gallery on homepage
The images in the scrolling gallery on the homepage will periodically be updated and the old images will be archived. We welcome submissions of new images associated with a theme or topic from this project. Images should be accompanied by one or more paragraphs and links to sources for more information.

Some Guiding Questions
What are some examples of positive change that you have witnessed? How can these examples be built upon for continued change?

How do you remain hopeful or optimistic or open to the idea we can make positive change in light of the enormity of the problems we face?

What is your definition of a sustainable society or a sustainable future, or do you have a different way of framing thoughts about the future of the planet?

What is the role of (insert your chosen interest or occupation, such as art, music, religion, science, psychology, business) in making positive change for human society and/or "natural" ecosystems? How does your own work contribute?

Make up your own question related to these ideas to answer!

Annual Earth Week Essay Contest
Every Spring, the 2100 Project holds an Earth Week Essay Writing Contest open to undergaduates. See the essay guidelines and the names of previous winners and finalists.

How to submit
Please send submissions pasted directly into an email or attached as an MS Word document to singler -at- franklinpierce -dot- edu; include "2100 submission" in the subject heading. If you'd like to submit a file greater than 25 MB in size, send an email first and we'll come up with a plan.

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