Tools for Undergraduate Research in Environmental Science and Field Biology:
(Note: Though still works-in-progress, Units I, II and III all contain content. Unit IV will become available sometime in the future!)

I. Scientific Inquiry: How to identify a research topic, question and hypothesis

II. Fundamentals of Field Sampling: How to design a field study

III. Graphing and Statistics: How to interpret your data using MS Excel

IV. Communicating Your Results: Tips for writing effective papers and making clear presentations

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IndiaBlog Posts with Environmental Themes

Here are some posts that mention environmental themes such as water availability, waste disposal, flooding, hydroelectric power, and human impact on mountain ecosystems:

"Supersized" (size and scale of the landscape and mountains and human population)

"Water" (issue of clean drinking water)

"Trip to Munsiyari" (local substistence farming)

"Planet of Plastic" (waste disposal)

"Bamboo Workshop" (massive floods and hydroelectric power)

"Glacier Trek" (human presence and impact on mountain ecosystems)

"Food Footrpint" (food and the ecological footprint)

"Wildlife Encounters" (Some examples of wildlife in northern India)

"Wildlife Encounters II" ("Man-eating" Tigers and Hunting)

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