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1. Getting There, 8/18/2018

Luggage for two people for one year:

One rolly, one small backpack, and one instrument each.

Leg 1 of our travels – Wednesday, 8/15/2018:

Amtrak, Long Island Railroad, taxi to hotel near JFK.

Leg 2 – Thursday to Friday, 8/15&16/2018:

Screenshot of path during flight, JFK to Doha.

Leg 3 – Friday, 8/16/2018:

Screenshot of path during flight, Doha to Johannesburg.

Leg 4 – Saturday, 8/17/2018:

Shuttle ride from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit.

After several days of travel, we’ve arrived safe and sound in Klaserie, a small crossroads near Hoedspruit, one of the towns just outside of Kruger National Park. Well, April and I arrived, as did our luggage - with the exception of my rolly which contains nearly all of my clothes and supplies for the year. Qatar airlines (who has provided great service overall) claimed it would arrive Saturday, then Sunday, now I’m hoping for Monday . . .

Other than that glitch, all has gone as well as we could hope for. Our host family, Jan, Nyeleti, and Rhandzu, have been quite warm and welcoming. And though we’ve mostly been focused on getting a bit settled and getting over our jetlag, we’ve already seen several antelope species, some wonderful birds, and April spotted a zebra. And this has all been while driving to a school play, and, simply hanging out in the backyard. We’re really looking forward to spending some serious time exploring here. Oh yeah, and I’m looking forward to getting my luggage, unless, of course, it’s gone forever . . .