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Bird List, 9/19 to 10/19, 2018
(New since 9/18, or, first time in the wild)

Southern African Wildlife College and Vicinity, Kruger National Park
African Grey Hornbill
Alpine Swift
Barn Swallow
Brown Snake Eagle
Brown-crowned Tchagra
Brown-headed Parrot
Burchell's Coucal
Coqui Francolin
Crowned Lapwing
Greater Blue-eared Starling
Horus Swift
Lesser Masked Weaver
Lesser Striped Swallow
Little Swift
Matial Eagle
Namaqua Dove
Orange-breasted Bushshrike
Purple Roller
Rattling Cisticola
Red-billed Quelea
Red-crested Korhaan
Red-headed Weaver
Sabota Lark
Sacred Ibis
Scarlett-chested Sunbird
Scops Owl
Senegal Lapwing
Southern Black Tit
Southern Ground-Hornbill
Southern White-crowned Shrike
Wahlberg's Eagle
White-backed Vulture
White-crested Helmetshrike
White-headed Vulture
White-winged Widowbird
Yellow-bellied Eremomela

eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), 10/14-10/18
Amethyst Sunbird
Black-headed Heron
Cape Whiteye
Lesser-striped Swallow
Red-winged Starling
Southern Bald Ibis
Southern Double-collared Sunbird
White-throated Robin-chat